Ali Tosyali

Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
Rochester Institute of Technology

I am an assistant professor of management information systems at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My research interests lie broadly at the intersection of network science, machine learning, and complex systems, driven by applications in financial services analytics, social network analysis, opinion mining and analysis, digital platforms, and business analytics.

In my spare time, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, coding, playing baglama (a folkloric instrument), sports, and woodworking.

See my CV.


True sparse PCA for reducing the number of essential sensors in virtual metrology
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Detecting Fake Review Buyers Using Network Structure: Direct Evidence from Amazon [paper, code]
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Artificial intelligence in energy industry: forecasting electricity consumption through cohort intelligence & adaptive neural fuzzy inference system.
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A dynamic graph-based approach to ranking firms for identifying key players using inter-firm transactions.
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Data-driven gantry health monitoring and process status identification based on texture extraction.
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As a supply chain financing source, trade credit and bank credit relationship during financial crises from clustering point of view.
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